Negative Reviews on Amazon? Here’s How to Deal With Them

Customer feedback is the key to success of any business. The same applies to you if you are a seller running your Amazon store. Review management carries a hell of importance if you care about your business’ reputation on Amazon. Some sellers still think that review management is just a minimal part of your Amazon business and hence not worth investing time in. Well, that’s a misconception! And guess what, we can’t predict whether 10 good reviews or One negative review influence a buyer’s decision.

So, the best way is to keep a close eye on your product reviews and do everything to avoid such reviews or fix them up! Here’s how to deal with negative reviews on your Amazon Products.

Inappropriate or Fake Reviews? – Request to Remove

If you feel that some reviews on your product are false and are completely inappropriate, then, you can request Amazon to remove the review. But note that this doesn’t mean that you can request Amazon to remove all of your negative reviews. You have to have a solid reasons base for your claims. Amazon doesn’t blindly approve the requests for removal of user reviews. A request to remove a particular review is approved only if Amazon finds that the user has violated the review guidelines of Amazon.

So, if you find any of the reviews negatively impacting your product and also violating the Amazon’s review guidelines, you have a greater chance of review being removed by the Amazon Team itself. This includes a review with inappropriate wordings, or the reviews that are promoting 3rd party services or products or even the fake reviews created by some black hat reviewers. If you find the same language being repeated in multiple negative reviews, those can be fake reviews. But be sure to report only the reviews that violate the guidelines. Don’t go on reporting each and every review that you personally think is bad, as it could damage the seller’s reputation. Here’s a quick capture from Amazon’s review guidelines. The above screenshot explains the type of customer reviews that violate the Amazon’s review policy and hence subject to removal.

Now that you have identified your negative reviews matching the above criteria, what next? Proceed to request the Amazon to remove these reviews. Log into your seller account and go to the product detail page for which you have negative reviews. Click on the review you want to remove. You will see the option to ‘report abuse’; Click on that and Popup will be displayed asking you for the reason for your request. This is where you have be through and accurate to increase the chances of your request being approved. Explain in detail how the review is inappropriate and back up your claims by highlighting which of the guidelines is violated in the content of the review.

Alternatively you can also use your seller central support by opening a ticket with seller central, picking up the right issue and explaining the staff why the review is inappropriate. You will need the order id for which the review was submitted. They are likely to remove the review if agree on your points.

Legitimate Negative Reviews – Comment

Yes, I am highlighting again, you can’t report the legitimate negative review to Amazon. The Best Quality an Amazon seller should have is to be trustworthy and genuine. If a customer is genuinely dissatisfied with the service and expressed this with a negative review, the only best way is to actually pay attention to the problem and try to bring the negative review in the positive light. The issue can be anything like defective product or product damaged while shipping. You can publicly comment on the negative review and explain your apologies for the inconvenience and what actions you have took to solve the customer's problem. By doing that you have chance of putting the negative review in a good light .The customer might reply back positively. So, whenever new users see a negative review they will also see your efforts to satisfy your customers and hence you lessen the negative impact on the sales of your products. The negative review won’t be removed or changed in this approach, but it will still reduce the impact. This approach is useful when your request for removal is failed. To comment, just go to the review and click on 'Add Comment'.

Review Removal Or Updating By Customers

This approach involves directly reaching out to the customers who posted a negative review and convince them to remove or edit the review. How? The first step is finding out the contact details of the customer. But this isn’t always possible to find the contact details if the review was submitted using a pseudonym. But still you can compare the dates and products with the received orders to find the order number and hence identify the customer. Once you have got the details reach out to them in a friendly manner and enquire about what issues they faced that resulted in a negative review. If you are unable to identify the user's contact details, you always have option to comment and ask them to contact you. Once in touch, Explain the customer thoroughly why it happened or if it was due to the third partied involved in the process and put your points. Don’t be aggressive for the customer to remove the review and never ever offer any incentives to get the review deleted. That is against the Amazon's review policy. Rather be friendly and take actions to satisfy the customer's issues. If you have successfully converted a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied one, ask them to remove or edit the review. It's a great way to convert negative into positive reviews. And even if the customer doesn’t edit it, he can at least remove the review!


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