How To Set Up Sponsored Product Ads In Seller Central

Hello sellers! Now that you are familiar about the types of Ad options available to you as a seller, it's time to dive deep into sponsored Product Ads! But before we move ahead here a quick recap.

A Quick Recap- Sponsored product ads are the most popular type of Ads available on Amazon. The ads that appear in Amazon search listings along with the regular product listings, labelled as 'sponsored' are the sponsored product ads. They appear at the top, bottom and right hand side of the Amazon's SERP. They carry a huge potential for conversions as they get seamlessly merged with the product listings on Amazon. Sponsored product ads are targeted at the keyword level and redirect user to product detail page when clicked.

Still wonder, what are the types of PPC ads in seller central? Then read our last post on Anatomy of PPC Ads in Amazon Seller Central.

Who Can Use Sponsored Product Ads?

Both the sellers and vendors can use sponsored product ads. However, the vendors don't have option to create ads within the vendor account itself, but they can use sponsored ads with AMS (Amazon marketing services). The sellers on the other hand can create sponsored product campaigns within the seller central account itself.

Now, let's dive deep and understand how to create the sponsored product campaigns within the seller central. Now if you are a complete beginner, don't worry, I will walk you through the process from the scratch.

How to create Sponsored product campaign in seller central

From the Scratch
Now if you still don't have a seller central account then, you must first become an Amazon seller to run your ads. You must have some products listed and a well structured online store on Amazon. To know how to become a seller on Amazon read this step by step guide to get started with seller central.

For the beginners here are the basic steps to create sponsored product campaigns.

  • Open an account in seller central. Anyone can become a seller with sign up process. After you have signed up, start listing your products in seller central. Make sure you enter the accurate details of your products. Set up your complete amazon store and optimize it.
  • Log into your seller central account with username and password. Register for sponsored products, accept their terms and join.
  • Once you join, the new sellers will be automatically redirected to campaign manager. There after the process will be followed the same for new as well as existing sellers.

Already Have Seller Central Account
Now if you already have seller central account, have your products listed then you can start right away following these steps.

  • Log in to your Seller Central account here with your registered email id and password. Note that if you don’t have account yet, you can also register for the same on this page.
  • After logging in, you will be directed to the screen like this. A dashboard showing the overview of your seller central account, your products listings, orders etc.
  • Navigate to the top menu and click on 'ADVERTISING'. From the drop down select 'Campaign Manager'.
  • Now you are in campaign manager. There, you will see two separate tabs, 'sponsored product ads' and 'headline search ads'.The campaign manager will show you the overview of all of your running and paused campaigns for both. You can view their status, the start and end dates, daily budgets, spend, sales and ACoS. Now, if this is your first campaign, the screen will be blank, right? So, let's create a campaign now. Under the sponsored product ads, navigate to the top left button 'create campaign'.
  • Name your campaign. Enter a relevant name so that it clearly conveys the purpose of the campaign. Mention your daily budget. Your daily budget should be the amount that you are willing to spend each day. Enter the start and end dates (the time period you want to run this campaign). If you want the campaign to be always live, leave it blank. Next select the targeting. Two types of targeting or campaign are available for here: 'Automatic' & 'Manual'.

    Automatic Targeting – You let Amazon decide the related keywords to your Ad. Amazon uses its own intelligence and displays your ads to relative searches. This option is good to find the keyword ideas, but you may not always want to show up for all the keywords which relate broadly to the product. But you can run the auto campaigns as a beginners to get some ideas for your manual campaign later.

    Manual Targeting – You specify you manually add your keywords. Selct the keywords that are most relevant to you.

  • The next step is to create the ad groups. For automated targeting, you just have to select the products for which you want to run the Ads. So, if you are choosing automated campaigns, choose from the list of your active products.
  • For manual targeting move on to the next step, of create ad group and specify your keywords and bids. You will be also given a list of suggested keywords to select from. Once added all your keywords click save and finish.
  • Next, choose from the list of your active products for which you want to run the campaign. Note that with automated targeting, the above step will be skiped and you will be redirected to choose the products. Whereas, with the manual targeting, you will come to this step after completing the above step. In any case, the process of setting up your sponsored products end after you selects the products and save campaign.

So sellers, are you ready to explore the sponsored product ads? Go ahead and run your sponsored campaigns!


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