Pull Out The Negative Keywords With SaleOnline.ai - Reduce The ACoS

Hey y’all! In our last post we discussed broadly about the ways you can optimize your sponsored product ads using SaleOnline.ai’s Amazon PPC tool. In this post we are going to explore in detail about how to use negative keywords for improving efficiency of your sponsored product ads.

What are Negative Keywords in Amazon?

Let's first understand what exactly the negative keywords are. As you know to target a set of audience or to sell a product as a seller, you use and bid on the words that are highly relevant to your product. But not all the words that broadly fall in your field of service relate to your product. Fox example, a seller selling 'cups' but not 'plastic cups' may not want his ads to be served when customers search for 'plastic cups'. It does make sense as this keyword will not convert for his business at all. So, basically the words that don't convert; seem to be relevant but are not specifically relevant to your product; are called as 'Negative Keywords'. So, it does make sense to use negative keywords in running your Amazon campaigns as they save you a lot of money.

How Negative Keywords Reduce the ACoS?

Consider a seller who sells 'painting colours'. Now if the seller targets the word 'painting colours' broadly while running his keywords, because he also sells pencil colours and water colours, sketch pens primarily targeted for paper drawing but he doesn’t not sell the cloth painting colours. Now a user searching for 'cloth painting colours' comes across the ad, Clicks the ad, finds it irrelevant hence goes back to search. But the seller will still have to pay for the Ad click. So, basically the seller was charged for irrelevant click because Amazon doesn't know that the seller sells only 'paper painting colours' and not 'cloth painting colours'. The seller in above example, just needs to add the 'cloth paining colours' to his negative exact match keyword to avoid extra spending.

Basically Negative Keywords make your ad campaign more relevant, shifting the money from irrelevant to relevant keywords. Negative keyword help in reducing the overall Advertising costs of sell in fact; 'They are the fastest way to reduce your ACoS as Negative Keywords prevent the ads from showing up for more broad searches'.

How to Create Negative Keywords with SaleOnline.ai's Amazon Tool?

The best practice to keep your ACoS low is, keep identifying and updating your ad campaigns with negative keywords to avoid unacceptably high cost of selling. Many sellers find it troublesome to identify the negative keywords. That's why we introduced the 'Negative Keywords Tool' within our Amazon Ads tool.Once you have logged in to SaleOnline.ai's Amazon Tool with your registered email id and have your campaign up and running, follow these steps.

  • The first step is to identify the negative keywords. Usually you will find these keywords as non convertible keywords as they are basically irrelevant and user does not convert. So, start with the identifying the keywords that yield zero orders. After logging in to the tool, you can find your worst performing keywords right in the dashboard. For example, a seller may find out that his ACoS are high for the keyword 'creamy honey' which is not at all relevant to his product as he sells 'raw organic honey' and hence has zero conversions for the keyword.
  • Go to search terms report. Or you can start the process directly under the 'Search Terms Tab'. The report shows you the keywords that can trigger your ad along with the statistics like, Spends, sales, clicks and orders. Now identify the keywords with high ACoS and Zero orders. If you find that the keyword is irrelevant to your service in all the ways, that is your negative keyword.
  • To create negative keyword, check the box in front of the keyword you find negative. Now click 'Add as negative keyword' and click 'Apply Changes'.
  • You can always check back the negative keywords created under the navigating to the 'Negative Keywords Tab'. And add then back to keywords clicking 'Add as Keywords' if you have accidently added any keyword to 'Negative'.

We hope you enjoyed the process of creating negative keywords with SaleOnline.ai. Negative keywords are crucial for reducing ACoS; keeping your Amazon Ads relevant and efficient. So, go ahead and identify your negative keywords with SaleOnline.ai's Amazon tool!


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  • March 30, 2018

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