Anatomy of PPC Ads In Amazon Seller Central

In our last post, we discussed about types of accounts and how to open a seller central account at Amazon. Well here’s the quick recap

Anyone can open a seller account in contrast to the vendor central which can be opened only upon invitation. The sellers manage their products inventory, list their products and sell on Amazon. They have option to let Amazon handle the shipping process though. The vendors sell their products in bulk directly to Amazon, and the products are then sold by Amazon, including the shipping, returns and customer service.

So, as a seller you now know how to add your products in Amazon. But to make sure your products earn the maximum visibility Amazon also offers the Ad campaigns. Basically the sellers and vendors are allowed to run the PPC campaigns; Pay-per-click campaigns; Meaning, seller or vendor pays to Amazon each time customer clicks on an Ad.

Types of PPC Ads in Seller Central

Two types of Ad campaigns are available for Seller central account. The Headline Ads & Sponsored Product Ads. The Headline Search Ads and Sponsored Product Ads appear when a customer searches for it.

But on, we are more concerned about the sellers. Anyone can be the seller on Amazon by signing up for the ‘Seller Central’. As a seller you are in control of pricing, inventory, reports and customer data. Sellers have two options to handle shipping of products, which we will discuss soon.

  • Headline Search Ads

What are headline search Ads? Do you see the Ad appeared in the following screenshot when searched for ‘sunscreen’? The Ad that is labelled as ‘Sponsored by BIODERMA’ is the headline search Ad of that product. The Headline Ads were previously only available to Vendor Central, but now they are accessible in Seller central account also.

The Headline Ads typically appear at the top and bottom of the page, with a product photo, Ad Copy and a link. They are keyword driven. To qualify for the Headline search Ad, all the 3rd party sellers (seller central) must be the registered as brand owner of each product in Ad.

The power with Headline search Ads is that they help raise the brand awareness by serving the ads to customers at the top of a search results, thus play an important role in capturing the buyer’s attention early in the buying journey. They contain a link to send traffic either to your Amazon Brand page, a custom URL or Best selling product page. Headline search can be used to advertise 3 or more products same time. They support only two match types, exact and phrase.

  • Sponsored Product Ads

The Sponsored product ads are the most popular type of Ads in Amazon and carry the great potential for conversions. The Ads that you at the bottom, top or right side of the Amazon SERP as well as the Product detail pages. Do you see the Ads labelled as the ‘Sponsored’ in following screenshot? Those are Sponsored product ads at the top in Amazon’s SERP when searched for chairs. The ads you see at the bottom of the product detail pages labelled as ‘Sponsored products related to this’ are also the sponsored product Ads.

When clicked on the sponsored product Ad the buyer is redirected to a product detail page. Whereas in headline Ads the buyer is redirected to custom brand page. Sponsored product Ads are keyword targeted and have option to choose between broad match, phrase match and exact match types.

The advertiser can define the budget and duration the sponsored product Ads. Please follow the next post to know about the sponsored product ads in detail.


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  • March 10, 2018

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