Frequently asked questions

Pricing is affordable and flexible, based on your requirements. Please refer pricing section.
Yes! Amazonary is proud to partner with Amazon to be the first to offer comprehensive analytics plus bid suggestions and automation for Amazon Vendors for Sponsored Product ads. Simply sign up with your AMS account. We support all AMS credentials, including Vendor Central, ams.amazon.com, and Vendor Express. Note that we cannot support Headline Search ads (HSA) or Product Display ads at this time because Amazon does not yet include these in their API support. See question below.
No, at this time Amazonary only supports Sponsored Product ads for both Amazon Sellers and Amazon Vendors. This is because Amazon does not provide data for HSA or PDA via their API. Whenever they do make that data available, Amazonary will support those types of ads.
Amazonary works in North America.
Our software only needs access to the Advertising API on Amazon. We can’t see your product listings, customer data, or anything else -- just your ad campaigns.
With your permission, we get all data via the new Amazon Advertising API (automated communication with Amazon), which is far more detailed than the reports in Seller Central.
Yes. As long-time software professionals, we take security very seriously. We can only see your advertising data with your permission. Our security practices are as good as the most-secure financial websites. We don't have access to your Amazon credentials so no one can steal your password from us. For a more detailed description of our security policies, please view our Privacy Policy.
We will move mountains to make sure you are happy with Amazonary. But if for any reason you are not satisfied within the first 30 days, let us know why and we'll refund your whole subscription.
Why yes, we have a number of Amazonary partners and affiliates! Email support@saleonline.ai to discuss partnership. We'd love to talk to you.
Nope. No contracts, no cancellation fees, and no fees for setup.